Snus Could Cause Gum Disease And Tooth Loss

Snus causes gum diseaseYou’re probably not surprised since you’ve seen this on box but have you really though about it?

Gum disease can cause anything from redness and over sensitive gum tissue to the more dangerous phase like withdrawal of gum tissue which eventually leads to tooth loss. In the past red necks have been mocked to have gum disease unlike city folks, but now times are changing. The condition is becoming more wide spread as the number one cause for it is tobacco. No, I’m not talking about Snus. Regular smokers are much more and they have been poisoning their gum tissue for ages.  Their numbers are quickly decreasing because of increased cost of smoking and lack of places to do it. Snus use however is on the rise and it may be just the thing to revive the rise of gum disease.

As far as tooth loss. We all know the physical and psychological effects of tooth loss. It’s just one of those things you never wish for anyone.

6 thoughts on “Snus Could Cause Gum Disease And Tooth Loss

  1. There are actually no facts/studies to support this. Swedish Snus has not been observed to cause gum disease, tooth loss, OR oral cancer. Please check your facts.


  2. thanks for telling people the wrong effects of snus and i tell you more..

    Insomnia, faulty digestion cycle, deeziness, losing out temper, and above all cancer..

    i am from India, and snus is very very recently been banned here, i am currently fighting with the habit. thanks God, some more days and snus will vanish from the market. believe me, it tastes like hell but is a very bad habit that you cannot actually give up. I try everyday and every time to not to think of it.
    i initially started because smoking is expensive. but i feel, smoking didnt harm me so much like this thing did.

    thanks to the Govt of India and the Supreme court for banning chewable items made of tobacco(though still some batches are left, which will disappear some time)..

  3. Champix is currently the most effective way for smokers to break their addiction to cigarettes. As for Snus, you’re probably right!

  4. I hate to break it to you, but the first commenter on this page is the only one with the right idea. Since you’ve posted this, studies have come to light showing literally no correlation between Swedish snus use and any type of gum disease. Camel snus and other American snus brands, I can’t speak for, since they refuse to release any information as to their ingredients or levels of carcinogens. But let’s not place the blame on ALL snus, shall we?

  5. I have had my gum-line drawn back and up as a result of snusing for 2 years – this stuff is dangerous I just quit. You should too before its too late. I only hope now that I’ve stopped my teeth will stay intact