Warning: Smokeless Tobacco is Addictive!

snus is addictingThe first step in quitting anything is knowing how bad you are addicted to it. At first people thought that Snus wasn’t addicting since you don’t smoke it.  After some Government intervention we saw the new ads for Snus which you see on the left. Yes, Snus is addictive and that is exactly why tobacco companies were forbidden to market it as a “way to quit smoking”. It doesn’t help you quit. It only replaces one form of the drug with another which is also much more accepted in society.

Society is what makes people stop smoking. Isolation to be exact. You can’t smoke here, you can’t smoke there. But you still need your dose of nicotine! Snus makes all of these problems go away by removing the smoke and bad odor and in the same time giving you the needed dose of nicotine. This makes it the perfect candidate for psychological addiction. Mix that with physical addiction and you’ve got a perfect product which will withstand any push from the Government as soon as it gains enough popularity.

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